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Old Challenges - Rodney

Here are the old challenges for Rodney


1 - I would like to see a fic where Rodney and John are stuck in Quarantine for several days/weeks.

Only one real rule is no ship, totally gen.

Have them talk about their pasts. Just have them go crazy with some smarm, hurt/comfort as emergencies happen around them.


2 - Daniel and Rodney stuck in quarantine? The two guys have to develop a friendship.

They should speak of everything they have in common like music (since Rodney wanted to become a pianist and Daniel has a piano in his house), allergies (lemon, right? Poor guy!) or science in general and their passion for what they do. Daniel must talk about Sha’re and how much he loved and still loves her.


3 - Rodney McKay has a wife and three kids none of which he remembers while they believe him to be dead.

When the Atlantis expedition is revealed to the world his wife (name her whatever you wish) as well as his sister end up in Atlantis while trying to find him and find a lot of trouble as well.

Major angst for Rodney but include humour.


4 - Rodney confessed to Sam how he gave up playing the piano. Imagine what his teacher had said to him, how he felt realising he can't be the great pianist he dreamed to be.

Sad introspection, please.

Make him compare the thoughts he had back then with his thoughts of now, when he thinks Sam is better than he is (which I don't think is true!)

5 - A story that would show what Rodney did in Russia. Please include: vodka, snow, the Kremlin, ex-KGB agents, and a beautiful Russian journalist who knows more than she should.

Oh, and a balalaika (I don't know the spelling of this word...) too!


6 - Sheppard, McKay, Weir and Ford are all related in some way to the four members of the A-Team.

Ford is related to BA.

Weir is related to Hannibal.

Sheppard is related to Face.

McKay is Murdoch's nephew.

Somehow the four members of the A-Team end up on Atlantis.

McKay is not happy to have his crazy uncle around, while Murdoch is having a fabulous time annoying his nephew (though he is pleased that McKay is learning to fly).

Out of the other three of the Atlantis team only two are happy to see their long-lost family members.

Either a mission goes wrong off-world or some sort of accident happens in the city meaning the A-team have to do their thing and work with the ones who aren't happy to see them to rescue those who are.


7 - Rodney and John are stuck together. After an incident off-world they cannot move further than ten feet away from each other without being repelled by an invisible forcefield. As well as some major problem facing the city show them trying to go through their daily routines, meetings with their separate staffs etc.


8 - An old colleague of John's is assigned to Atlantis. He gets on great with the science contingent and is working well with everyone. However, after something goes wrong either in the city or on the Daedalus that Rodney manages to barely stop at the last moment he decides that Rodney is either trying to sabotage the mission or in league with the Wraith.


9 - Several years ago I was in Dublin and I picked up a postcard with Murphy's Law on it which states the anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Write a story or stories based around these rules of Murphy.

If everything seems to be going well, you obviously don't know what the hell is going on.

Never argue with a fool, people might not know the difference.

Friends come and go but enemies accumulate.

Anything you try to fix will take longer and cost more than you thought.

Never sleep with anyone crazier than yourself.

A short cut is the longest distance between two points

The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train.

These aren't them all but I thought these were the ones that fit the SGA gang best.


10 - One of the teams bring back something that cause everyone who has the ATA gene either natural or through the therapy to become the evil versions of themselves and take over the city.

This will be John, Rodney, Carson and Lorne that I can think of. John and Rodney being the leaders with their usual brand of snark, though a little darker.

The 'good guys' are Elizabeth, Teyla, Ronon and Zelenka but try and include as many of those shown in the show as possible, like Cadman, Kavanagh etc.

There has to be an actual reason they take over and the 'good guys' have to stop them and change them back.

Please include this line or something similar.

"McKay's evil...who honestly noticed the difference?"

I can hear either Cadman or Zelenka say it but it's your choice.

No overt ships anything subtle or UST is fine


11 - This is more than likely an Earth based story so extra points if you can get it on another planet.

John, Rodney Carson and Zelenka are heading somewhere (road trip on Earth for their vacation time?) and despite the maps and directions get lost.

Thus leading to a lot of snark, refusal to stop to ask for direction (they're men after all). The horror movie lover (John) starts talking about how most horror movies start with people lost.


12 - In Year One Rodney and Ford find a strange device that may or may not be Ancient in design and while retrieving it Rodney is, shocked, scratched, stabbed (delete as applicable) by the device.

Sometime after Duet, on another planet Rodney comes in contact with something similar and ends up in a coma. As Carson tries to find something to help him, John stumbles across a reference to the similar device but when he tries to find it, he discovers Ford took it with him.

While John, Ronon and Teyla start trying to find Ford, Rodney has his own problems. Somehow in his coma he's managed to contact Laura Cadman. She gets John to allow her to go with them on their mission to find Ford and retrieve the device.

Include a lot of Rodney driving Laura insane since only she can see and hear him. And a lot of Ford.


13 - While exploring the city, the team find two devices in a remote lab. The first is a weapon of some kind, while the other seems completely useless. Later in the lab, John and Rodney are having a discussion (arguing) and activate the seemingly harmless device which shocks both of them. Since it's so late, they both go and get some sleep. While sleeping they both end up in the past when the Ancients were still in Atlantis.

They aren't in a shared delusion but the chain of events is the same, the identities they have within this dream are different from one another. Everyone in the past is from the present Atlantis, including Ford, Grodin, Lorne, Cadman, Zelenka etc. Their roles within the past are similar to the present, their names as well so it isn't too confusing.

The dream is a warning about the weapon and while they dream Carson is trying to wake them up.


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