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Old Challenges - Word A Month

Here are all the old Word A Month Challenges with the replies received.

September 2005 - FRIENDSHIP (Friendly relationship or feeling.)

Considering Friendship By Jassmine de Blanc


October 2005 – INSATIABLE (That cannot be satisfied, very greedy.)     

Insatiable By L.E McMurray

Insatiable Exploring By Jassmine de Blanc


November 2005 - INCONVENIENT            (Unfavourable to ease or comfort: awkward, troublesome.) 

Inconvenient By Jassmine de Blanc

Just An Inconvenience By Lady Sidera


December 2005 – PLEASURE (Feeling of satisfaction or joy, enjoyment; source of pleasure or gratification; ones will or desire; sensual gratification.)  

Simple Pleasures by L.E McMurray


January 2006 - BEGINNING            (First part of thing; time or place at which things begins; source; origin.)

Perpetual Beginning by Jassmine de Blanc


February 2006 – METICULOUS (Giving great or excessive attention to details, very careful and precise.)


March 2006 – OVERKILL (Excess of capacity to kill or destroy.)


April 2006- UNWELL (Not in good health; indisposed.)

In Sickness And In Hell by L.E McMurray


May 2006 –MACHO (Manly, virile.)


June 2006 – TANTRUM (Outburst of bad temper or petulance)


July 2006 – JOVIAL (Merry, convivial, hearty)


August 2006 – FATIGUE (Extreme tiredness. Weakness in metals etc. from variations of stress. Soldier’s non-combatant duty clothing worn for this. Cause fatigue in, tire)


September 2006 – FANTASTIC (Extravagantly fanciful, fabulous, grotesque, quaint. Excellent, extraordinary )


October 2006- MOTIONLESS (Not moving)


November 2006 – HIDE (To prevent from being seen or discovered. The dressed skin of an animal. Make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing.)


December 2006 – CELEBRATE (Mark (event or festival) with festivities: perform (rite or ceremony), officiate thus; honour or praise publicly.)


January 2007 – HUMANE (Benevolent, compassionate, merciful)


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