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Hopeless Romantics Anonymous

The Lives and Love of Daniel Jackson and the Life and Loves of Rodney McKay.

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Story Rec - Fate's Reflection
Jack And Daniel
una_spectre wrote in hr_anonymous

This is a story that has been written by one of my favourite authors Yum.

When this was posted I read several chapters and then had to wait for it to be finished. I decided to wait until the final chapter was posted before finishing it - that was the plan anyway. I couldn't and had to read every chapter as soon as I got the notifcation of being posted.
This is a fascinating story with a brilliant Alternate Universe mixed with the canon Universe.

Fate's Reflection

Jack O'Neill thought he had seen the last of the quantum mirror. But when someone comes through the Stargate wearing his face, he finds himself and his team thrown into a war that could bear impossibly high costs for them all. Spoilers from seasons 1 to 3