Daniel Stories

I was originally going to try and link all the stories separately but there are far too many for this to be done easily.

So I'm going to just link to the actual folders for now, these will also update as the Yahoo group is updated:

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Welcome to HRA

Welcome to the LJ Community for Hopeless Romantics Anonymous AKA The Lives and Love of Daniel Jackson and the Life and Loves of Rodney McKay.
Yes I decided to merge my two favourite scientists into one group.

I have created this community to run in tandem with the Yahoo group of the same name.

I will be uploading the stories links that are on the Yahoo group, there will be challenges as well that I hope people will actually take up.

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I am going to put up everything that is already on the Yahoo group, story recs, challenges etc but please be patient as this may take time as I have a lot on at the moment in the dreaded Real life.
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